Account Director

Stephanie Molen is an Account Director at The FRW Company. As an activist and public affairs professional, her work has focused on environmental protections and social issues. Prior to joining The FRW team, she worked in Local Government Affairs at Southern California Edison, and at the Coalition to Abolish Slavery and Trafficking (CAST) as Director of Partnerships.

She worked in district offices for several members of the California State Legislature, including Congressmember Ted Lieu when he the 53rd Assembly District, Senator Fran Pavley in the 23rd Senate District, and served as Assembly member Betsy Butler’s District Director in the 53rd Assembly District.

She continues to be highly involved with local politics and serves as President of the Los Angeles League of Conservation voters, working to elect environmental candidates elected to office in the 88 cities that make up Los Angeles County.

Stephanie graduated from UC Santa Barbra with a bachelor’s degree in music, voice emphasis and now sings English Madrigals with Bridget’s Daughters. She has worked in the anti-violence movement since 2000 and has been a State Certified Rape Crisis advocate since 2003 with the Santa Barbara Rape Crisis Center, and Strength United.